What to do if your application is approved and liable for CIL

If you are granted planning permission and you are liable to pay CIL, we will issue a 'liability notice'. This says how much CIL must be paid.

Then, the following must be completed before development starts:

  • Assumption of Liability Notice completed by the person responsible for paying CIL. If this is not done, the charge will default to the owner of the land and there may be additional costs.
  • Commencement notice with the date that development will start. If we do not receive this notice a penalty will be added and full payment will be due immediately.
  • Claim relief form if you are claiming relief. 

We will then issue a 'Demand Notice' for the CIL payment.

For details of the CIL process, please refer to the CIL process guidance note.

CIL forms

CIL Question Form

Assumption of liability notice

Claim for relief form

Withdrawal of assumption of liability

Transfer of assumed liability

Notice of chargeable development

Commencement notice

SB1-1 Self build exemption claim form (part 1)

SB1-2 Self build exemption claim form (part 2)

Self Build Residential Annex Exemption Claim Form

Self Build Residential Extension Exemption Claim Form

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