Pop-up shop guide

We are supporting local traders and working to reduce the number of vacant properties on county borough high streets with our new Pop-up shop initiative.

Why choose the high street?

The high street is still the heart of the local community, a place where people meet and new businesses start. If you have always wanted to start your own business or have a new idea for a community project that you want to try, why not 'Choose the High Street' and set up a pop-up unit?

Pop-up units - What are they?

A pop-up unit is where a short-term lease (usually for a period less than six months) is agreed between a landlord and a business or community project, enabling them to use a vacant property for a short period of time. Although the concept of a pop-up unit is mostly associated with shops, pop-up units on the high street can also be utilised for a number of activities including art galleries and community projects.

Pop up shops can also be an excellent opportunity to try out a new business and see if the concept works before making a long term commitment. They can potentially also offer community projects and charitable organisations a great way to reach a wide audience, while also helping to enhance the vibrancy and offering on our county borough's high streets.

'Pop up' shops can also be very beneficial to a landlord in that they can generate a small rental income for the duration of the lease, and also help raise awareness of the property and its potential to future tenants.

Pop-up shop guide

Pop-Up Shop Guide (PDF)

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