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Town centres are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the communities they serve.

These unique places not only meet shopping and service needs, but they also provide valuable ways for people to stay connected to their community.

The document sets out how the Council’s model of Town Centre Management called ‘Unique Places’ which helps to maintain the town centres and promote them to visitors and investors through the successful ‘Choose the High Street’ branding.

The comprehensive strategy outlines the unique selling points of each town and will be at the forefront of a new product portfolio to help attract further investment into town centres. In addition to ‘Unique Places’ document, the portfolio includes a ‘Pop Up Shop Guide’ and individual town centre Investment Guides which highlight to towns close proximately to Cardiff.

As part of the strategy, the Council has Town Centre Management Groups for each of the five towns who meet on a quarterly basis and include key stakeholders representatives, constituted groups from the town centre community, representatives from the town or community council and local councillors to consider operational as well as strategic issues, which impact on the town centre. To support the maintenance of the towns an officer Town Centre Improvement Group meets every six weeks to consider an Environmental Audit.

The ‘Unique Places’ model of town centre management has been widely recognised by councils and town centre partnerships in other areas of the UK as an example of best practice in town centre management.


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