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Neanderthal hunting scene

The First People

It may have been over a quarter of a million years ago, that people first came to the place known today as Caerphilly county borough. These people would have been Neanderthals rather than modern humans. They used simple stone tools and were probably nomadic, hunting herds of wild animals and scouring the landscape for wild plants and fruit. If they did roam the county borough, they have left no trace.

It was not until the last Ice Age had passed, that people began to leave a more enduring mark on the landscape. By around 7,000 B.C. the glaciers had long since retreated and the temperature had begun to rise. Modern humans now roamed the landscape, hunting and searching for food. In this warmer climate, the forests flourished and trees probably covered much of the county borough. Over the next three thousand years, people appear to have become less nomadic. They established seasonal settlements, from which they would hunt and gather food. It was probably then that the clearance of the forests began, the legacy of which is still clear to see.

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