Garden waste

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Garden waste, like food waste, is collected every week and each household has been provided with green garden sacks. Other garden sacks can also be used.

What can I put in my garden waste sack?

Your garden waste sack should be used for garden waste such as leaves, dead flowers, grass cutting, hedge cuttings and weeds. Visit what goes in my bins for a more detailed list of what can and can’t be included. We will collect a maximum of 4 bags of garden waste per week.

Bulky garden waste

We will not collect bulky garden waste such as trees and branches as part of your weekly collection service. Visit bulky garden waste for options for disposing of these items.

When is the service available?

Our garden waste collection service normally runs all year round.

Compost bins

We no longer offer a subsidised service. Instead, you can purchase compost bins from garden centres, DIY shops and online retailers.

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