Local Toilet Strategy consultation

Under the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017 we have a duty to prepare and publish a Local Toilet Strategy for the county borough.

The first stage of developing this strategy is to assess the community’s need for toilets, including changing facilities for babies and changing places facilities for people with a disability. You can help us to identify these needs by completing our survey below.

This survey will be open until 28 September 2018.

The information gathered through this survey will be part of a suite of information collated to form an Assessment of Need, to identify existing provision, current and future need and gaps in provision. Involvement of local communities, key stakeholders and local businesses is pivotal in this process.

We must publish our Local Toilet Strategy by 31 May 2019 and include a plan showing how we will meet identified needs. We are not required to provide and maintain public toilets themselves but must take a strategic view as to how facilities can be provided and accessed by our local population.

Once the strategy has been drafted, you will have the opportunity to comment during a 12 week consultation period that will take place between December 2018 and February 2019.