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Charter for the bereaved

In recent years, adverse criticism about modern funeral practices has been increasing. In 1996, the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) recognised this situation and produced the Charter for the Bereaved in order to make improvements.

The content of the Charter is based on the experiences of cemetery and crematorium managers with bereaved families. Professional and charitable groups involved with the bereaved are also consulted. Regrettably, the Charter has not been supported by organisations representing funeral directing and embalming. It is hoped that their support can be obtained at some stage in the future to enable rights to be offered when these professionals are employed.

The rights in this Charter will be available at any cemetery or crematorium whose management have formally adopted the Charter for the Bereaved. In this document they are referred to as "Charter Members".

The Charter for the Bereaved (PDF 352kb)

The Guiding Principles (PDF 14kb)

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