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Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The plan sets out our rights of way strategy for the next 10 years and it aims to provide local communities and visitors with a sustainable opportunity to enjoy the countryside in their close locality. The plan complements our wider objectives for access for all to the countryside within the county borough and neighbouring councils.

The plan details our ambitions and objectives to improve our rights of way network and includes an action plan to deliver these improvements.

The plan will focus upon the legal network of paths registered in the definitive map and statement. It will complement and interact with other key council policy documents, raise the profile of the rights of way network, identify areas where continued improvement is required and ensure continual assessment of the demands placed upon the network by its users.

Rights of Way Improvement Plan (PDF 3.2mb)

Section 1: Introduction (PDF 92kb)

Section 2: Vision Statement (PDF 44kb)

Section 3: Rights of Way Improvement Plan process (PDF 168kb)

Section 4: The Assessment (PDF 263kb)

Section 5: Promotion and Communication (PDF 404kb)

Section 6: Rights of Way Improvement Plan partnership working (PDF 163kb)

Section 7: Statement of Action and associated costs (PDF 233kb)

Appendices (PDF 2.6mb)

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