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"It's been an absolute privilege" - more hosts needed in Caerphilly

Posted on : 18 Apr 2023

"It's been an absolute privilege" - more hosts needed in Caerphilly
Ukrainian families are in need of a safe place to call home in Caerphilly.

As a host, you’ll get a £500 a month thank you payment as well as other free support and training.
People across Wales have opened their hearts and homes, but the crisis is far from over.

South Wales couple, Caroline and Alex, have four grown up children who have left home and made the decision to offer their freed-up space to a grandmother, mother and her 11-year old son.

“We’re just an ordinary family with kids who flew the nest,” said Caroline. “We just thought: ‘We can’t not do this,’ and it has been an absolute privilege.”

They were overwhelmed by the strength of the traditional Welsh welcome from their neighbours and the wider community. As soon as Olena, Lana and Matvii arrived there were offers of lifts and donations which continue today.

Alex was surprised at the emotions he has experienced throughout the process.

He said: “This has given me a chance to really help people in need- in desperate need.  To do that has made me feel so much better in myself.”

Caroline speaks fondly about gaining a daughter and a further grandchild. She said: “Our door is always open, they’re all part of us now. Our guests are now our family. We care about them and they care about us.”

Most Ukrainians in Wales will now have spent some time here, following the full scale invasion by Russia in February 2022, and many will either be in education and employment. Most will have started to settle into Welsh life making valuable contributions to our communities.

Local authorities offer help and support throughout the hosting period and will be able to offer more information about what is available in your area. They will always be on call to resolve any issues or in the unlikely scenario that a hosting arrangement breaks down.

Housing Justice Cymru offer a helpline for hosts and runs online sessions for those considering hosting to offer them more information on what’s involved, and whether this is right for them. There’s no obligation to apply following the session.

Further training for those signed up is also available. Please see Host Support - Homes for Ukraine – Housing Justice the Housing Justice Cymru website.

To apply to become a host visit

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