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Changes planned to Caerphilly resident permit parking

Posted on : 07 Jun 2024

Changes planned to Caerphilly resident permit parking
Caerphilly County Borough Council has announced plans to amend its Residents’ Parking Policy, following a consultation with permit holders.

The changes were unanimously endorsed at a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet held on 5th June.  During the meeting Cabinet members were presented with results from a recent consultation exercise carried out with all resident parking permit holders in the borough.

Cabinet members agreed with proposals to change the times of operation of the Residents’ Parking Policy to Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm (formerly Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm).  The times of operation of all existing schemes in the borough will be brought in line with the policy.  This will be applied when the traffic regulation order for each area is progressed / reviewed.

In response to feedback received from residents, Cabinet also agreed to effectively communicate enforcement messages to prevent unauthorised parking.

Mark S Williams, Corporate Director Economy and Environment, said “We understand issues around parking can be a frustration for some residents.  We’re grateful to those who took part in the consultation and pleased to say we have listened to their views and acted on them with the implementation of these changes.”

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