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Agile plans to result in savings

Posted on : 19 May 2023

Agile plans to result in savings
Penallta House

Caerphilly Council is on a journey of improvement and change. A key part of this process is its ambition to develop modern, fit for purpose office accommodation which will help save money and enable a new way of working in future.

Historically, most local authorities have owned a wide portfolio of buildings, usually consisting of a main council office HQ, a range of sub offices, as well as associated depots and satellite sites.

Leader of Council, Cllr Sean Morgan said, “We want to consolidate our property portfolio and reduce the amount of buildings we currently own and operate. This reflects our new agile agenda and will help us secure significant savings over future years, which is line with our agreed budget strategy.”

“Our main corporate HQ at Penallta House will become our core hub, accommodating most of our office-based workforce. This will allow us to free up a range of other sites and realise additional financial benefits.”

The council is currently adapting Penallta House to make it a more modern, flexible workspace where more staff can work together in an agile manner.

This is being done in a ‘green’ and cost-effective way, with a focus on much of the equipment and furniture being reused, reupholstered, pre-owned or remanufactured from existing items.

“Doing things differently, such as making changes to our key buildings, allows us to deliver more with less without impacting upon front line services. This is an important piece work to help make CCBC a more modern and flexible organisation, which has the added benefit of delivering key savings as we continue to deliver quality services to our community,” added Cllr Morgan.

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