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Roman Wales
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The Romans invaded Britain in AD 43 and within five years they were fighting the in Wales. The Silures who occupied south east Wales were powerful and warlike, and put up a strong defence, but by AD 74/75 The Second Augustan Legion had moved into Caerleon (Isca) from where they subdued the Silure, and controlled the area until late in the third century.

Across Wales there are a number of sites that tell the story of the Roman occupation:

The home of the Second Augustan Legion. The Baths, Barracks and Amphitheatre animates the life of a Legionary soldier, whilst the National Roman Legion Museum has fascinating displays of artefacts found around the town. Follow the new Interactive Trail for an alternative look at the town.

The northern point of the route that Gelligaer controlled, the Brecon Gaer Roman Fort.

Caerwent Roman Town
A civilian town, which now displays some of the best Roman structures in Britain.

Cardiff Castle
Although known as a Norman Castle, the core of this site is a Roman fort which was built early in the Romans campaign to control Wales. Now the walls of the castle, give an impression of how imposing a Roman fort would have been.

Caernarfon (Segontium) Roman Fort
A strategic, Auxiliary fort that controlled movement across north Wales.