Welcoming spaces

In recognition of the difficulties that residents are facing as a result of the ongoing Cost of Living crisis, Caerphilly County Borough Council in partnership with the community and voluntary sector is developing a network of Welcoming Spaces (also known as Warm Hubs) across the county borough. 

Each Welcoming Space may look different, whether they choose to offer activities, support or even hot food and drink – but all will share the ethos of offering a warm place and a friendly face this winter. 

These include libraries, community centres, church halls, sports clubs and other places promising a warm welcome to anyone struggling to heat their home.

Warm Spaces are totally free to use and will provide a warm welcome to all.

Find a Welcoming Space/Warm Hub

We have created a of all the Warm Spaces across the district. You can search the directory to find Warm Spaces near you and their opening times.

Grant funding to provide a Welcoming Space

To help us develop this network, the council are keen to work with community groups who wish to develop their own Welcoming Space, with funding available from the Council (supported by the Welsh Government Warm Hubs funding) to support the development of new Welcoming Spaces or to expand existing provision to offer an even warmer welcome to local residents during these difficult times. 

If you represent a community group and would like to receive more information on how to become part of our Welcoming Space network, including an application pack for additional funding to support the development of your Welcoming Space, please contact the Caerphilly Cares team – email: caerphillycares@caerphilly.gov.uk  / Tel: 01443 811490.

Register your venue as a Welcoming Space

If you are an organisation offering a Warm Space already, please tell us about your facilities and services email: caerphillycares@caerphilly.gov.uk or call 01443 811490.so we can add your venue to the directory and let residents know about you.