Dydd Sul 11 Rhagfyr 2022 / Sunday 11th December 2022

Oherwydd gwaith cynnal a chadw hanfodol, ni fydd ein porth taliadau ar-lein ar gael rhwng 6.00am a 10.00am ddydd Sul 11 Rhagfyr 2022. Ymddiheurwn am unrhyw anghyfleustra y gall hyn ei achosi.

Due to essential maintenance our online payments portal will be unavailable between 06:00am and 10:00am on Sunday 11th December 2022.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Access to CCTV images

Access to images captured by the CCTV system must be in accordance with the scheme objectives.  A memorandum of understanding exists with Gwent Police who are the primary user of images.

Images are held for 31 days unless required for court purposes.  Images may be accessed in other circumstances, however, in order to ensure access is legitimately granted there are safeguards and controls in place.

Data Subject Access Requests

Individuals are entitled to a copy of data held about them via a Data Subject Access Request.  Data subject access requests can only by considered when the individual is the main focus of the footage and only for the duration of this focus.

Requests in pursuance of Legal Proceedings

Access to images under Data Protection Act 2018 – Schedule 2 , Paragraph 5(3) and General Data Protection Regulations 2016 is discretionary but may be allowed in connection with legal proceedings for the purposes of obtaining legal advice, or for the purpose of establishing, exercising or defending legal rights.

For example, requests by legal representatives or insurance companies.

Careful checks are made to ensure requests are legitimate and a £50 fee applies.

Requests in connection with the prevention and detection of crime.

Requests for footage may be made by prosecuting agencies other than Gwent Police. Such requests are made under Schedule 2 Paragraph 2(3) of the Data protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations 2016 and will relate to the investigation of criminal offences.

By Order of a Court

A court may order the production of CCTV images where any of the circumstances above do not apply.

In some circumstances images may reveal the private information of persons not related to the request.  Images may need to be edited, obscured or pixellated to protect private information.  Costs may be involved in achieving this.

For further advise and to make an application to access images please contact the Assistant Community Safety Officer (Control Room) on 01443 873770.