Counter terrorism

The Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 places a duty on local authorities and other agencies to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.  Terrorism is a very real threat to our communities and terrorists seek to exploit those who are most vulnerable. That is why it is vital that agencies work together to support those who are at risk of radicalisation…regardless of faith, ethnicity or background. 

The Government’s national counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) has four components: Protect Prepare, Prevent and Pursue. The Prevent component of the strategy is a partnership responsibility with local authorities playing a key role in identifying and supporting individuals who may be at risk. Prevent primarily focuses on preventing vulnerable people from being drawn into extremism and committing acts of terrorism.

A key element of the Prevent strategy is Channel; a multi-agency approach to protect people at risk from radicalisation. Channel uses existing collaboration between local authorities, statutory partners and the Police to identify individuals at risk of being drawn into terrorism, assess the nature and extent of that risk and develop the most appropriate support package to safeguard those at risk. The CCBC Channel Panel was set up in 2013 to deal with all Prevent referrals received from internal departments and external agencies within Caerphilly county borough.

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