Stray dogs

Lost dogs

If you lose your dog you should report it to the dog warden as soon as possible. You will be asked for details on the type of dog, colour, sex and where and when it was lost. You will be asked if the dog has a collar and tag on as well.

These details will be recorded and any dogs picked up or reported to found will be checked against this record. You will be contacted when/if your dog is found. It is important that you let the dog warden service know if you later find the dog yourself.

Found dogs

If you find a dog you should contact the dog warden. These details will be recorded and checked against the record of lost dogs to see if there is a match. If no owner has come forward or the owner is not contactable the dog warden will endeavour to collect the dog that same day. The dog will be taken to secure kennels and cared for until the owner is found or contacted.

The owner will be advised that the dog has been found and that there are fees to pay before the dog will be returned to them. These fees include the cost of seizure of the dog by the dog warden and kennelling fees, which are charged on a daily basis.

It is now compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped. Every dog that is picked up by the Dog Warden is scanned for a microchip and if one is found the owners are contacted. Please ensure that the details on your dog’s microchip are kept up to date. 

If no owner comes forward or they decide not to claim the dog, then it is kept for 7 full days, following which it is legally signed over to be rehomed. No dogs are put to sleep except in exceptional circumstances.