Fly-tipping is illegal dumping of liquid or solid waste on land or in water. The waste is usually dumped to avoid disposal costs.

Fly-tipping of waste is a serious criminal offence. It carries penalties of:

  • an unlimited fine and
  • up to 5 years imprisonment.

Do Not

  • Touch the waste. It may contain hazardous waste (for example toxic chemicals, asbestos and broken glass).
  • Disturb the site. There may be evidence, which can lead to tracing the culprits and prosecution.
  • Approach anyone you can see that is fly-tipping.

Report fly-tipping

Report fly-tipping by using our online form or call 01443 866533.

We have a team of enforcement officers who respond to incidents of fly-tipping. They will search for evidence, speak to witnesses and prosecute the offenders.

The Council has a zero tolerance to waste dumping.

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