Graffiti is an illegal, anti-social activity that creates a negative impression of an area and contributes to people's fear of crime.

We are responsible for the removal of graffiti from council owned buildings and property. We are not responsible for removal of graffiti from privately owned buildings and property.

In partnership with the Probation Service, Safer CCBC are a team responsible for developing new initiatives to reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour in the area which includes graffiti removal.

Report graffiti and flyposting

If you discover graffiti, please report it to us.

Report graffiti and flyposting >

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This link will direct you to Caerphilly Connect. Register now or log in to report, apply and pay for services. If you do not wish to create an account click 'Continue without registering'. Please check your spam/junk mail folder for account activation and notification emails that we send you!

Alternatively, you can contact Waste Strategy and Operations.

Those caught causing graffiti can be prosecuted under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. If the damage caused is less than £5,000 the maximum fine is £5,000. Young offenders may be given a community service order.