The Furniture Revival

This facility provides a great opportunity for items be repurposed and reused. These items may have been on their way to the skip. Instead, they can be donated and re-sold back into the community.

The facility is open to everyone. If you are in receipt of benefits, there is a discount available.

Donating & Purchasing Items

Before donating, please make sure that:

  • All upholstered furniture has the official 1988 fire safety standards label attached.
  • Items are in a good reusable condition. We carry out minor repairs, but we cannot collect items that need extensive repairs.

We collect items free of charge that are in a good reusable condition. Additionally, collecting refrigerants for a small fee. To arrange a collection please call 01685 846830. Or visit the Furniture Revival website.

Collection of refrigerants will be £16.

Collection of American style fridge freezers is £24.

To buy items, Furniture Revival have an online catalogue . Or, the items are available for buy in store.

Where to find Furniture Revival

The Furniture Revival
Unit 21 Lawn Industrial Estate, Rhymney
NP22 5PW

Opening times

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

Contact us