Compost bins

You can buy compost bins from garden centres, DIY shops and online retailers.

Approximately 30% of the contents of general waste bins contain food waste.

Approximately 5% of the contents of general waste bins contain garden waste.

These are organic materials that can be turned into compost for your garden.

What can I compost?

Here's some information about what you can add to your bin to make the best compost.

Aim for a balance of 50% greens and 50% browns in your compost bin to get the right mix.

Guide to how to compost

The benefits of home composting

Composting diverts organic waste from landfill. This helps to reduce the build up of green house gasses such as methane.

Compost is nutritious and can provide an excellent soil conditioner for your garden. It is free and is a complete fertiliser for all plants and vegetables.

It provides basic plant food and a soil conditioner called humus. Thus, improving both soil fertility and structure.

Compost can be used instead of harmful fertilisers and peat.

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