Waste advisory wardens

We have a team of Waste Advisory Wardens working in the county borough who work to encourage more residents to take part in our recycling schemes.

By encouraging, assisting and advising residents on what to do with their waste, it is hoped that we can maximise participation and therefore significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

The wardens have the power to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to a household that persistently fail to recycle and who put out excess waste. Issuing fines is a last resort when all efforts to encourage and support the resident have been ignored.

To ensure increased participation and awareness wardens will:

  • Monitor participation and carry out visits to non-participating households
  • Raise awareness, educate, support and provide guidance to residents and schools on waste and recycling issues
  • Carry out enforcement procedures incorporating a warning system of first, second and final warnings, which will be issued to anyone persistently failing to recycle
  • Carry out refuse bin inspections within 3 months of issuing the first warning as a sure-fire measure of determining what is being disposed of in each container
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