Apply for a larger wheelie bin

Larger bins are available for large households with six or more people permanently living at the property. There is no charge for this service.

To request this service, you must:

  • Have six or more people permanently living at the property and,
  • Utilise the full range of recycling services we provide

As part of the application process, a member of the waste team will need to visit your property. This visit is to assess you are utilising the recycling services available to you.

We will reject your request because of:

  • Contaminated recycling
  • non-participation in the food waste service
  • non-participation in the recycling service
  • Food and / or recyclables found in your refuse and / or recycling bin

If approved, you will receive a larger wheeled bin in exchange for your current wheeled bin.

Apply for a larger wheeled bin
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Terms & Conditions

  • We will only process requests that meet the eligibility criteria. Those that don’t meet the criteria will be dismissed.
  • Your request may be rejected for:
    • Not meeting the eligibility criteria
    • Not participating in the recycling and food waste services
    • Contaminated recycling
    • Food and/or recyclables found in your general waste bin
  • Reviewed in accordance with our larger bin review policy (annually)
  • Bins must be presented kerbside for exchange. An email will be sent verifying the delivery / exchange date
  • We will exchange your bin with a larger one
  • A site visit may be conducted to verify the application and conduct a quality check on your recycling, food waste and general waste bins.

Once your request has been submitted it cannot be amended.