Housing options

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If you are looking for housing in Caerphilly county borough, there are several options open to you. 

Applying to the housing register

Since 5 December 2016, we've operated a Common Housing Register whereby you can apply for Community Landlord housing with the council and other Community Landlords in Caerphilly with a single application. The council owns and manages  over 10,800 council properties in Caerphilly county borough and on average 900 of these properties become available for letting each year.

In addition to this, our Housing Association partners currently have an additional 3,700 properties in our borough many of which become available to rent each year.

Visit our apply for apply for housing section for further details and how to apply.

The Council's Secure occupation contract 

Council homes ready to rent

We have a number of council homes readily available to let this week. Visit the homes ready to rent section for the latest list.

Private rentals

You will find that the availability of accommodation in the private sector is much higher than that in the Community Landlord (council and housing associations) sector. You will therefore have a much greater choice of the type of property and area you wish to live. Visit the private rentals section for the latest properties to let.

Sheltered housing

Are you over the age of 60 you can apply for sheltered housing. Sheltered housing aims to help people remain independent with support available where needed. We currently have 900 units of sheltered accommodation split over 33 schemes throughout the Caerphilly county borough. Visit our sheltered housing section for details.

Floating support

Are you over 55 years of age you can apply for floating support. Floating support is a flexible service that helps you manage your affairs and live as independently as possible. The support you receive depends on your needs. Visit our floating support section for details.

Housing advice

If you are having problems finding accommodation, maintaining your contract and/or are threatened with homelessness please contact us for help and support.

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