Renewal areas

Renewal areas aim to improve the living conditions in areas needing regeneration and were introduced in the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.  They aim to regenerate and increase confidence within communities by concentrating public sector housing, with further investment by the private sector, to preserve the long-term future of the areas.

Senghenydd is the community in the Caerphilly county borough to hold active 'renewal area' status. No new renewal areas will be declared as the dedicated funding is being withdrawn by Welsh Government in 2016/17.

Ares that have benefitted in the past from Renewal Area status:

  • Abertysswg
  • Oakdale
  • Tiryberth
  • Llanbradach
  • Rhymney

Renewal Areas normally last for 10 years. They give local authorities scope to improve the housing and general amenities of an area, develop effective partnerships with residents, private sector interests and other public sector organisations and secure maximum impact by increasing community and market confidence in the future of an area.

A decision to declare a renewal area is only taken after full consideration of the options and likely benefits, with the active involvement of all those likely to be affected.  The social and economic issues in an area will also be taken into account.  Once declared, advantages to the local authority include powers to carry out environmental improvements, increased exchequer contributions and lower contributions by those people helped in group and block repair schemes; allowing local authorities to carry out external repairs to blocks of properties, leaving them in reasonable repair.

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