Energy efficiency

Whether you own or rent your home, we offer impartial specialist energy efficiency advice which can help point you in the right direction on the various grant and discount schemes available to make your home more energy efficient.

Easy ways of saving energy and money at home

You can reduce the amount of energy you use in your home by making some simple changes that cost little or no money.

  • Make sure your electricity and gas company are offering the cheapest energy tariff
  • Close curtains at dusk to keep heat in
  • Close fridge/freezer doors as soon as possible after use
  • Defrost food overnight rather than defrosting in the microwave
  • Do not dry clothes on radiators; use an over-bath clothesline or clothes horse
  • Only boil as much water in the kettle as you need (as long as you cover the element)
  • Place clingfilm around single glazed window frames
  • Place reflector panels or aluminium foil behind radiators on external walls
  • Slow cookers use less energy, as do fan assisted ovens and microwave ovens
  • Switch off lights and other appliances when not in use
  • Switch off the television instead of leaving it on standby
  • Take a shower instead of a bath if possible
  • Try to avoid placing furniture in front of radiators
  • Try to put a full load into the washing machine
  • Turn central heating thermostat down 1°C (but remember, keep comfortably warm)
  • When cooking, select the correct hob for the pan and cook with lids on saucepans, simmering instead of vigorously boiling
  • Fit low energy light bulbs.

Making the most out of your boiler

Insulation and heating your home

Insulating your home can save you up to 30% off your fuel bill and reduce the amount of environmentally harmful pollutants generated. Every little helps when it comes to reducing the emissions that contribute toward global warming.

There are lots of grants and discounts available to help you get your home insulated:

Frequently asked questions

Can cavity wall insulation be bad for my home?

In a small number of cases it can.

My house has solid walls. Are grants available to insulate the walls?

There could be free or discounted grants available subject to eligibility.

I am thinking of installing solar panels or other renewable energy measures; are there any grants for this?

There are no grants as such, but these measures would qualify for an annual fee called the Feed in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive over an agreed period.

For free impartial advice on ways to save energy at home call our energy efficiency team on free phone 0800 085 4145 or email