Gas leaks

If you’re a council tenant and think you have a gas leak at your home:

  • Call Wales and West Utilities on 0800 111 999.  They will give you some emergency advice and arrange for an engineer to call to your home (this is usually within 30 minutes). If the gas leak is on pipe work between the main gas supply and gas meter, Wales and West Utilities will carry out the repair work straight away.  If the leak is found to be on the pipe work from the meter to your appliances, the engineer will make your home safe and issue us with a warning notice.

  • Contact us and let us know about the leak.  Contact your local housing office or if out of office hours call 01443 875500. Our heating contractors will call to your home within 2 hours to repair the gas leak and put your heating and hot water back on.

Safety advice

  • Turn off the gas supply at the emergency control valve if possible (the valve should be located next to the gas meter; the valve should be off when turned down from vertical to the horizontal position)
  • Do not operate any electrical switches or appliances or use the door bell
  • Ventilate the rooms affected by the smell of gas, if need be all rooms, by opening the windows and front/back doors
  • Do not use matches or naked flame
  • Do not smoke
  • Leave the property and do not return until an engineer tells you it is safe to return
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