How to complete an application form

The “Why You” section of the application form is the most important part of your submission. Please pay particular attention to this as it is where you tell us what makes you suitable for the job. Your application will be assessed by comparing what you have written against the essential criteria detailed in the person specification.

You must refer to and address each of the essential criteria in the person specification, this will ensure that you give evidence of the behaviours, experience, knowledge, and skills you have in each area by providing practical examples of your competence. Please also include any evidence of the desirable requirements identified in the person specification. Fully completing the ‘Why You’ section in this way will provide you with the best opportunity of being shortlisted.

Please avoid making a series of statements without evidence to back up what you are saying. For example:

“I have knowledge of the processes used in my role” or “I am an effective communicator”

Statements like this will not provide the short listing panel with actual evidence of what you have done.

When providing your evidence, please describe

  • What you did
  • How you did it
  • Why you did it and
  • The effect that this had.

This will show that you understand what is required and that you are capable of doing it. When providing evidence, think of an example where you have demonstrated the essential criteria or competency required and use the “STAR” model to evidence your answer as follows:

  • “S” – Situation
  • “T” – Task
  • “A” - Action
  • “R” – Result

The ‘Why You’ section should not include your CV or personal information such as name, address, email address etc.


If you would like further help in completing your application and would like to speak to dedicated Employment Support Team please email or call 01443 864227.