The Queen's Platinum Jubilee


Celebrations of 70 years of the Queen’s reign will take place between the 2 June 2022 – 5 June 2022. 

Further information on the Jubilee can be found on the Government website At present there has been no proposals by Central Government that those currently licensed to sell alcohol can have their licence extended.


Street Parties

Street parties are a traditional part of community life, they are a simple way for people to get to know their neighbours and meet members of the community.  You may want to hold a street party to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.  You don’t need a licence for most street parties.  But you may need to get an appropriate licence and permissions if you are planning to sell alcohol, play live pre-recorded music, hold an event on a highway that needs one or more roads closed. Further advice on organising street parties can be found on The Big Jubilee Lunch website.

National Lottery Funding

More than £22 million of National Lottery funding is being made available to help communities across the country come together to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. More information on the different funds available can be found here.

The Platinum Jubilee Emblem

The official Platinum Jubilee Emblem is available for use for all activities associated with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, including community and national events. It is free to download from the Royal website, where detailed usage guidance can also be found.


If you plan to provide alcohol for free at your event under normal circumstances, you do not need a licence.  If you want to sell alcohol you will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN), allow at least ten working days says before the event.

You will need a TEN if you intend to:

  • Play live pre-recorded music for entertainment purposes.
  • Hold live performances, film screenings or dancing.
  • Sell alcohol.
  • Sell hot food and drink between the hours of 11p.m. and 5a.m.

If you intend having a tombola or raffle tickets which are sold on the day and the prizes are not worth more than £500 in total, then gambling regulations do not apply.  If tickets are sold in advance you will need to register yourself with Licensing as a Small Society Lottery

For further advice please contact Licensing on 01443 866750 or e-mail:

Road Closures

In order to hold a street party on or within the highway you must seek permission and obtain approval from the Council to ensure you can legally safely close the street to traffic. Think about what you want to achieve and submit the application form no later than 3 May 2022 to the Traffic Section.

For further advice please contact Traffic Management on 01443 866545 or e-mail:

Food Safety

Safe handling of food is essential at street parties, further advice can be found at the Government’s website. Get everyone to bring food to share at set times so you can all eat together.  If you are cooking on barbecues never leave them unattended and cordon off to keep children and pets away.

For further advice please contact Environmental Health on 01443 811303 or e-mail:

Safety at Events

Some things you may wish to consider for your event is to carry out a risk assessment for your event and covid prevention measures.  For further advice on organising an event visit the Planning an Event page on the Caerphilly CBC website.  The threat from terrorism is real and unfortunately increasingly unpredictable, with public spaces and crowded areas being an attractive target for terrorists.  We would like you to consider what ‘you’ can do to reduce your risk and mitigate against the impact of such an attack.  As such, we recommend you carry out the ACT Awareness e-Learning on counter terrorism.