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Management of your personal financial affairs

Our Client Finance and Property Team can apply to become deputy and/or appointee for an individual. The terms deputyship and appointeeship relate to the handling of someone else's finances. If awarded, we then receive the individual's income and make arrangements to pay their bills on their behalf. For example, gas, electric, water rates, telephone bills, residential fees etc.

As deputy, and always acting in the best interest of the individuals, we can clear the contents of their property, relinquish the tenancy or sell it on their behalf and invest any capital assets belonging to them.

Who can receive this assistance?

This service is available to individuals living in their own home (whether owned or rented within the community), living in supported accommodation or living in a residential or nursing home. Whatever their living arrangements, the following eligibility criteria must be met to receive this service: -

  • The individual must be known to our social services department
  • The individual must be deemed 'mentally incapable' (by written medical opinion) of managing their own financial affairs and property
  •  There is no one else who is able or suitable to act as his or her appointee or court deputy, such as a relative, friend or solicitor. 

How would the individual have access to their finances?

Arrangements can be made for them to access personal spending money via:

  • A basic bank account with the use of a card and pin number
  • A staff member for example care manager or support worker collecting cash on their behalf. 

How to apply

If the individual concerned meets the criteria outlined above and you think we can help, please call the Information, Advice and Assistance (IAA) Team 

Further information

For further information and advice about deputyship or appointeeship you can contact the Client Finance and Property Team on 01443 864640 or email cf&pt@caerphilly.gov.uk

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