National Standards Cycle Training

Funded by the Welsh Assembly this scheme is aimed at year 6 pupils providing level 1 and 2 cycle training where pupils learn to control and master their bike.

  • Level 1 takes place in an environment away from cars or traffic – usually in a playground or closed car park.

  • Level 2 takes place on local streets, giving the trainees a real cycling experience, where they are taught how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops. 

We are now training Level 3 with Year 9 in secondary schools where trainees deal with more challenging roads and traffic situations, cycling through traffic lights and roundabouts.  

It is delivered in groups of up to 3 - 6 so can be tailored to individual training needs, such as a route to school and eventually work.  Level 3 training deals with hazards, making ‘on-the-move’ risk assessments and planning routes for safer cycling.  Once they have completed Level 3, they should be able to cycle almost anywhere.

Our objective is to encourage more people to cycle and teach them to become safe cyclist in later life.  

For further information please contact the Road Safety Team.

For details on other key projects and services please visit our road safety programme for children and young people section.

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