21st Century Schools Programme Developments, Proposals and Consultations

Band B Programme 2019 - 2026

Phase 1

Status: Consultation Closed. Pending Welsh Water Investigations
Proposal: Expansion of the existing Trinity Fields School to support 80 additional places and the provision of state of the art facilities for our most vulnerable pupils that are capable of meeting learning, social and medical needs, as well as the creation of facilities for integrated working across Education, Social Services and Health and the provision of opportunities for childcare, outdoor space and community use.

Status: Consultation Closed. Planning Granted
Proposal: Relocation and expansion of Ysgol Gymraeg Cwm Gwyddon onto the former Cwmcarn High site to provide fit for purpose childcare, a 16 place Special Resource Base and increase educational provision and capacity of the school from 220 to 420 primary plus nursery. 

Phase 2

Status: Consultation Closed. Awaiting Planning Approval
Proposal: Creation of a centre of excellence for vulnerable learners from across Caerphilly equipped with high quality learning opportunities, indoor and outdoor sporting provision as well as access to first class support. The Centre will reduce the need to outsource support for learners to private providers and will enable community use of the facilities outside of school hours.

Status: Consultation Closed. Awaiting Planning Approval
Proposal: Creation of a new state of the art Plasyfelin Primary School on the grounds of the existing site to include community use of the facility.

Status: Consultation Closed. Awaiting Planning Approval
Proposal: The amalgamation of Llancaeach Junior School and Llanfabon Infants School to create a new Primary School to include community use of the facility.

It is important to stress at this stage these are only proposals and consultation with all key stakeholders will be a critical part of the process as the plans develop.


The consultation process follows the requirements of the Welsh Government School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 as set out in detail in the School Organisation Code 2018 

The School Organisation Code 2018 prescribes those individuals/groups considered key consultees in the consultation process. 

Every opportunity is provided for people to have their say; views and opinions received are taken into consideration and reported to the Council's Cabinet, who then makes decisions based on this. 

Views of children and young people

Young people have a right to act to express their views in all matters affecting them and for their views to be heard and given due weight in accordance with their age and maturity.  The Council recognises the potential of young people to enrich the decision-making processes, to share perspectives and to participate as citizens and facilitators of change. 

The Council has acknowledged that the voice of young people is about involving them as active participants in the development, delivery, management an improvement of their educational and student experience and needs to be at the heart of planning, provision and evaluation.

The 21st Century Schools Team in Caerphilly will ensure that when bringing forward any proposal, suitable arrangements are made to consult and involve pupils throughout the process and post occupancy. 

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