Paid work or work experience and school aged pupils

Children are of compulsory school age up to the last Friday in June in the academic year of their 16th birthday, after which is the Mandatory School Leaving Age (MSLA) and the child can apply for their National Insurance Number and may work full time.

Employing a school aged child

The youngest age your child can work part-time is 13 years old, with the exception of children involved in television, theatre, modelling or similar activities

Employers by law must apply to our education department before employing a school-aged child. If satisfied with the arrangements, they will issue an employment permit. If the child does not have a permit, he or she is not insured. Children do not need a work permit for work experience that his/her school arranges.

Application for a child work permit (PDF)

Application for a child work permit (MS Word)

Jobs a 13 year old can do

Local by-laws list the jobs that 13 year olds can do. A 13 year old cannot work in a job that doesn't appear on the list.

Local by-laws may place further restrictions on the hours and conditions of work and the nature of employment. For help and advice or to apply for a work permit contact the education department of your local council or education welfare service.

Child employment byelaws (PDF)

Delivering newspapers and leaflets

Information regarding the employment of children for delivery of leaflets and newpapers is detailed in the following documents.

Handling the news - advice for employers on manual handling of bundles (PDF 243kb)

News deliverers - risk assessment form (PDF 208kb)

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