By law, children of compulsory school age - five to 16 years - who are registered at a school must attend daily.

Parents or carers are responsible for ensuring that their child attends unless there is a valid reason for their absence.

Our schools keep records of a child's attendance, which will be shown on your child's school reports and records of achievement. The government issues guidelines on school attendance, which all schools and parents must follow. 

Having difficulties getting your child to school?

If you are having difficulty in getting your child to school or think there may be a reason why your child does not want to go to school, you should speak to your child's class teacher for help and support.

We can also provide support by working directly with parents and schools. For example, where children have a long term illness, where families are in difficulty or where a child is being bullied.

For further information about school attendance please contact us.

Fixed penalty notices

From September 2014 a headteacher can request the issue of a fixed penalty notice for irregular attendance of a child or young person registered in their school. Visit the non-attendance and holidays during term time section for details.

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