Having a break from caring

Everyone needs a change and time off occasionally, whether it's for an hour, a day or a week. This can be especially true for carers – caring can be exhausting.

Having a break is more likely to help you cope with caring and will give you the time needed to recharge your batteries. You may want a break so that you can follow up your interests and catch up with family and friends. You may want to plan a longer break to allow you to go on holiday.

There is a range of services available to help you take a break. You will need to think about what is best for you and the person you care for. It is important that both of you trust the person who will provide the care while you are away.

You may also need to consider the cost of the service as some services are charged for.

Sitting services

Sitting services are provided in the home of the cared for person. They are run by Social Services, voluntary organisations, Health Authorities or a combination of these.

Residential care

Residential care homes and nursing homes can provide short-term care for the person you care for so that you can have a break. If you can, it may be useful for you to visit beforehand to make sure that it can cater for the needs of the person you care for.

Further information on registered providers of care can be found on the Registered providers of care webpage.

Day services

Many social services, health authorities and voluntary organisations run day centres for the care of adults with disabilities. These may be in the form of lunch clubs, social centres or day hospitals, dependent on the need of both you as a carer, and the person who you care for. Many centres also arrange social activities, clubs and outings.

Visit our daytime opportunity services webpage for details.

Adult Placement long-term, short-term and daytime accommodation

The South East Wales Adult Placement / Shared Lives Scheme provides accommodation and support for people with a learning disability, people with a mental health need, people with a physical disability, older people and people with a sensory loss/impairment in the homes of specially recruited people living in the community.

The scheme aims to provide a quality needs-led service within a family environment to enable individuals to adopt valued social roles within both family and community environments.

Short breaks and holidays

Below is a list of organisations that provide holidays and short breaks for children and adults with a disability or illness, their carers and family.

Download a list of these organisations

Short breaks for parents and carers of children with disabilities

Short breaks enable parents and carers to have time for themselves which can be a few hours during the day, evening or overnight if a child has complex disabilities while the child has an enjoyable and stimulating time mixing with their peers and making new friendships. For further details on the short breaks scheme, please visit the Children with disabilities webpage.

Asking for our help

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