Assessment process for shared lives carers

How long does it take?

Your Scheme Worker will usually complete your assessment within three months. Sometimes it can take longer if we are waiting for references or the applicant is not available for assessment visits. If there are any delays, your Scheme Worker will discuss this with you. Sometimes we have a higher number of applications and hold a waiting list. If this is the case, we will advise you about timescales when you apply.

What happens during the assessment?

Your Scheme Worker will arrange several visits to you at home to discuss your background, your lifestyle, and the skills and experience you have in supporting people. Your Scheme Worker will also apply for references and a DBS check. If you have a partner, husband or wife they will need to be included in the assessment and they will also need references and DBS check.

Adult Placement Approval Panel

Once your assessment is complete, it will be presented to the Approval Panel. The Approval Panel sits every month and makes a decision about your application. You will be invited to attend the Approval Panel, supported by your Scheme Worker, and the panel members will ask you some questions about your application before making a decision.

The matching process

Once you are approved at Panel your Scheme Worker will start looking for suitable placements for you. We have a matching and introduction process to ensure both you and the person looking for a placement are happy with the arrangement.

The matching process is the most important part of setting up a successful adult placement. Your Scheme Worker will look at lots of information about the potential person looking for a placement and will consider their lifestyle, interests and support needs. Your Scheme Worker will then look for a carer who is likely to have similar interests and the necessary skills to support the person.

If your Scheme Worker thinks you will be a good match for the person they will contact you for a discussion. If you are happy to go ahead and meet the person, we will arrange an informal meeting. If the informal meeting goes well we will then arrange an introductory visit. During this visit, you will have the time to get to know more about each other. Sometimes people have several introductory visits before a placement is set up.

For long-term and respite placements your Scheme Worker will also arrange for the person to have a trial overnight stay with you, so that you can both “try out” the placement. Your Scheme Worker will be in regular contact and support you throughout the process.

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