Get involved in scrutiny

Scrutiny Committees must make arrangements to allow people who live or work in the local authority area to make representations on any matter being discussed.

Although we must take into account any views raised at scrutiny committees, we must also ensure that views are reasonable and appropriate. Our protocol explains the criteria that will be used when considering a request from the public.

There are a number of ways that you can be involved in the work of scrutiny. You can

Speaking at Scrutiny Committee

You can either provide written evidence or speak at the scrutiny committee meeting. All speakers are limited to 5 minutes unless advised otherwise by the Chair. If there are a number of representations to speak on an issue the number of speakers will be determined by the Chair, usually up to a maximum of three. This does not include requests from Caerphilly County Borough Councillors, which are determined by the councils' constitution.

You may also find your practical guide to scrutiny useful.

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