Certificate fees

Below are the fees and charges from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

The charges vary depending on whether the record is held in the ‘current register’ or a ‘completed register’. We also offer a ‘standard service’ or a ‘same day, priority service’.

Certificates issued from current registers

  • Certificate issued on the day of registration £4
  • Certificate issued after the day of initial registration £7
  • Civil partnership full or extract certificate applied for at the time of the registration £4
Certificates from current registers at the fees quoted above are only available at the time of registration or for a short period afterwards.

For passport applications for people born on or after 1 January 1983, a full birth certificate is required.

Certificates issued from completed registers

Once a register is complete and archived, charges are increased.

Standard service  

With the standard service, we will issue a certificate within 7 days of a fully completed application and payment.

  • Short birth certificate from archived records £10*
  • Standard certificate of birth, death or marriage from archived records £10*
  • Civil partnership full or extract certificate applied for at any time after the registration £10*

Priority/same day service  

This service is only available if we received your application by 3pm on the day. These fees include a £5 admin fee and only if accurate information is provided to locate the record.

  • Short birth certificate £15*
  • Standard certificate £15*
* Please note: In addition to the fees quoted above, in cases where telephone or online application is made or where you wish to have a certificate posted there is an additional charge of £2.

Additional search fees  

  • Search one year either side of a date specified - No charge
  • Five year search (specific years given) £5
  • 10 year search (specific years given) £18
  • Only one five year search will be allowed on a name and dates given
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