Report a trading standards issue

If you believe that a business or trader is in breach of trading standards, let us know and we will investigate further.

For example, you: -

  • have seen children being sold tobacco, alcohol, fireworks, spray paints or knives
  • have been told an elderly or vulnerable person have been pressurised into purchasing unwanted goods or services
  • know of smoking occurring in an enclosed public place
  • know where counterfeit products are being sold
  • have been misled by poor labelling or pricing displays
  • have been charged more than the marked price
  • have bought potentially dangerous goods or toys
  • have bought a car with a false mileage reading
  • have bought short weight or measure goods
  • have purchased food or drink that has been misdescribed on a label or a menu
  • have purchased food that is ‘out of date’, not of a satisfactory quality or does not meet minimum compositional standards?

If you need to discuss the issue with trading standards officer, please contact trading standards.

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