More to be added soon

Limited places are available to all events but we do try and share these out fairly.  To enquire about any of them, please get in touch.
All these activities are paid for to show our appreciation of carers and the hard work they do.  Where possible, we will try to ensure that everyone showing an interest gets a chance to attend at least one event or activity.

More to be added throughout the year, please check back here for updates.

Send us your views

At our carer support groups, we have been asking those of you that attend what kinds of things you would like to see more of. Pamper sessions, theatre trips, wine tasting, meals and rugby tickets have all come up, so we are doing our best for the rest of the year to accommodate these requests.

We’ve also had some other really good ideas about more activities on weekends and evenings for  those of you that work or are in school or college, which we have definitely taken. Email your suggestions to


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