Pre-inspection audit checklist

The following documents and information should be provided prior to the inspection:

  • Overall layout plan of the premises (or area animals are kept if not a ‘shop’ premises) - showing points of entry/exit, location of cages/tanks (and what intended to be stocked in them), location of fire equipment, isolation area, quarantine area, sinks, fridges/freezers and food preparation area 
  • Plan of livestock accommodation including dimensions and species stocked and maximum stocking density for each based on the species specific guidance 
  • Current stock list 
  • Register as part B Section 2.1 (Records of purchases, sales, supplier details, veterinary treatment etc) 
  • Training policies 
  • Training records (all staff including licence holder) 
  • Relevant training certificates 
  • Written procedures as outlined in part A section 9 & 10 of guidance 
  • CITIES permits/certificates (if stocked) 
  • Electrical certification
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