Children in performances

Legislation governing children in entertainment covers children who take part in 'performances', including all broadcast performances, child photography or modelling.

The need to have a licence depends on what is being organised, not on who is organising the performance or activity. The attached guidance explains which rules apply to any performance and when to apply for a licence.

The main factors are whether payments are made (by the audience) or received (by the child); the place where the performance takes place; and whether it is filmed or recorded for television, radio, the internet or a film. These include:

  • any performance for which a charge is made for admission or for another reason;
  • any performance on premises licensed to sell alcohol (even if the bar is closed during the performance);
  • any live broadcast performance (including television, radio and internet streaming);
  • any performance recorded to use in a broadcast or film that will be seen by the public (including sound or audio recording placed on a website or a performance recorded for a cinema screening or part of a film);
  • any activity where children take part in sports or modelling for which payment, other than expenses is made (whoever receives the payment).

Some performances are exempt from the need to have a licence. Annex A and B attached provides some information on whether a licence is required, however you should seek advice from the Local Authority if you are unsure.

We will only issue a licence when we are satisfied that arrangement for the supervision and protection of the child are adequate, and that the disruption to the child's education is kept to a minimum.

Forms and guidance

Keeping young performers safe - Guidance to accompany the 2015 child performance regulations (PDF)

Child Protection Policy Wales (119kb)

Annex A and B (PDF 11kb)

Application form (PDF 100kb)

Headteachers declaration form (PDF 100kb)

A young person’s guide to child performance activities (PDF)

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