The Adopted LDP

The current Local Development Plan (LDP) was adopted on the 23 November 2010 and identifies where new developments such as housing, employment, community facilities, and roads, will go. It provides a framework for local decision-making and brings together both development and conservation interests to ensure that any changes in the use of land are coherent and provides maximum benefits to the community.

The LDP sets out the council's land use policies and proposals to control development in the county borough up to 2021, and provides the basis by which planning applications will be determined consistently and appropriately. The plan gives a clear indication of where development will be encouraged and where it will be resisted.

What does the LDP mean to me and how will it affect me? (PDF 3mb)

How do I get a copy of the plan?

The Local Development Plan consists of three parts, a Written Statement, Appendices to the Written Statement and a Proposals Map.

Written Statement (PDF 1mb)

Appendices to the Written Statement (PDF 5.7mb)

Interactive Proposals Map and Interactive Constraints Map

Constraints Map: In-Buildings - Areas of Search for Waste (PDF 3.3mb)

Constraints Map: Open Air - Areas of Search for Waste (PDF 3mb)

Alternatively, if you would like to order a copy of the LDP, contact Planning. Each copy costs £35 plus p&p.

Other LDP documents

Further information

If you have any queries regarding the LDP, please contact the the LDP Team.

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