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A number of resources are available designed to help businesses comply with the law.

Allergen Resource (multilingual)

A multilingual allergen resource produced in English, Welsh, Bengali, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Hungarian, Kurdish, Mandarin, Punjabi, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Urdu has been produced to raise allergen awareness and assist food businesses to comply with the law. This includes information and advice on Natasha’s law which comes into force on 1st October 2021.

This free resource is applicable to Wales, England and Northern Ireland and includes:

  • An allergen awareness presentation video
  • A handout covering the presentation key messages
  • 'Day in the Life of Chloe' and ‘Megan’s Story’ (dubbed and subtitled short films)
  • ‘Tell Us If You Have An Allergy or Intolerance’ poster
  • Resource Flyer

They can be accessed via

Business Companion

Business Companion provides information for businesses and individuals that need to know about trading standards and consumer protection legislation.

Businesses can find advice and information on a wide range of topics and issues including

  • Age restricted products
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Consumer rights
  • Description of goods and services
  • Fair trading
  • Food labelling
  • Product safety
  • Selling on the internet
  • Weights and measures
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Wales Heads of Trading Standards (WHoTS)

Provides information on where you can access help and advice whether you are a business or a consumer.

Visit the Trading Standards Wales website

Code of Best Practice for Animal Welfare Establishments

The Code explains what Animal Welfare Establishments (AWE) need to do to meet the standard of care required under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The Code of Practice is intended to encourage those responsible for looking after animals in the care of AWEs to adopt the highest standards of husbandry. It outlines the framework for delivering exemplary levels of care that should also be demonstrated. These should be universally recognised as the benchmark for all individuals and organisations charged with the care of animals. This Code also provides an outline of the various administrative aspects of operating an AWE.

Advice from trading standards

Our trading standards officers can advise businesses about

  • Business names
  • Consumer credit
  • Contracts
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Descriptions of goods and services
  • Food
  • Prices
  • Product safety
  • Selling on the Internet
  • Takeaway guidance
  • Weights and measures

If you are a local business within Caerphilly county borough and would like free, impartial advice, please contact us.

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