Decarbonisation Strategy: Reduce, Produce, Offset, Buy

The Decarbonisation Strategy: Reduce, Produce, Offset, Buy sets out how we intend to reduce the Council’s own carbon footprint and deliver our overarching objective of being a net carbon neutral authority by 2030.

The Strategy is accompanied by an Action Plan which details the actions the Council can take, and an Energy Prospectus outlining potential commercial projects both of which will help us achieve our ambitious target. The suite of documents focus on four broad categories:-

  • REDUCE - Reducing the amount of energy we use
  • PRODUCE - Generating our own ‘green’ electricity and heat
  • OFFSET - Offsetting any carbon emissions
  • BUY - Everything we purchase has embedded carbon associated with it and this will need to be considered in the procurement process

Decarbonisation Strategy
Energy Prospectus
Action Plan