Register to vote

It's free, quick and easy to register. All you need is your national insurance number.

You can use the service to

  • register to vote
  • update your name, address or other details on the electoral register
  • requesting a postal vote application form

You will be asked

  • Where you live (including if you are a British citizen living abroad)
  • Your nationality
  • Your date of birth
  • Your full name (including if you have changed your name in the last 12 months)
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your address
  • If you live at a second address (if you have two homes or are a student with a home and term-time address)
  • If you have moved out of another address in the last 12 months (including from abroad)
  • If you want your name included on the ‘open register’.
  • If you want to vote by post
  • How you wish to be contacted if we have any questions about your application

If you don’t have access to the web, call our electoral services helpline on 01443 864203. We can take your details over the phone or send you a registration form by post if you prefer.

Register to vote if you’re in the armed forces

People in the armed forces, and their spouses and civil partners, can register to vote in the normal way. However, if you are likely to be based overseas in the next year, it’s best to register as a service voter using a fixed UK address.

Who can register?

You must be aged 14 or over

You must also be one of the following:

  • a British citizen
  • an Irish or EU citizen living in the UK
  • a Commonwealth citizen who has permission to enter or stay in the UK, or who does not need permission
  • a citizen of another country living in Wales who has permission to enter or stay in the UK, or who does not need permission

Why should I register?

  • The information is required by law.
  • If you are not registered, you cannot vote in elections.
  • You may find it difficult to get credit, loans, phone contracts, a mortgage or bank account as the register is used by credit reference agencies.

When do I need to register?

You need to register if:

  • you’re not registered already; or
  • you’re not sure if you're registered (don't worry about registering twice - we'll check for that); or
  • your circumstances have changed (for example, you have recently moved home or changed your name); or
  • we have told you during our annual canvass that your electoral details don’t match other records.
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