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Fleur de Lis couple sentenced for illegal dog breeding and animal welfare offences

Posted on : 23 Apr 2024

Fleur de Lis couple sentenced for illegal dog breeding and animal welfare offences

Colin and Ruth Williams of Glanddu Road, Fleur de Lis were jointly sentenced at Newport Magistrates Court for unlicensed dog breeding, Animal Welfare Act 2006 offences  and failing to indicate in adverts that puppies were being advertised by a dog breeder contrary to The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

Colin Williams who formerly ran a business trading as Valley Ultrasound and Microchipping was also sentenced for offences under The Welfare of Animals (Transport) (Wales) Order 2007 for transporting a dog on a journey over 65 kilometres between Cardiff and Heathrow airport without the required authorisation and regulation 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 for unnecessary suffering of two pregnant bitches that were transported excessive distances to receive veterinary treatment.

Colin WILLIAMS (aged 46) was jailed for 16 weeks for all offences concurrent, disqualified from owning, keeping and transporting all animals indefinitely and ordered to pay half the prosecution costs of £5945.44 and £154 victim surcharge.

Ruth WILLIAMS (aged 51) received an 8 week suspended sentence for all offences concurrent, was disqualified from owning, keeping and transporting all animals for 10 years and ordered to pay half the prosecution costs of £5945.44 and £154 victim surcharge.

The sentencing follows an investigation by Caerphilly Council’s Trading Standards team who executed a number of warrants, in June 2023 at premises suspected of being used for unlicensed dog breeding. Officers accompanied by Gwent Police, a Veterinary Surgeon and colleagues from neighbouring authorities carried out a search of the William’s home.  They found 3 French Bulldogs, 2 British Bulldogs and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels severely confined in pens in one room with no access to water.  One of the pens which housed 2 dogs was in an alcove under the stairs. The cramped conditions provided insufficient space, the animals had no stimulation, and were unable to exhibit normal behaviour.

All 9 dogs had conditions which caused them unnecessary suffering; 7 had skin disease, 6, eye disease, 5, ear disease, 4  Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Disease (BOAS) and 1 was diagnosed with mental suffering.  The dogs were removed on certification of the vet and placed into the care of Hope Rescue prior to re homing.

Lyndsey Smith Rescue and Adoption Manager of Hope Rescue Centre said:

"We were pleased to be able to support the local authority by caring for the dogs until their case was resolved. Many of the dogs arrived with health issues so we were shocked to hear they were still being bred from.
Amongst the group of dogs were a very nervous duo of cavalier bitches. They moved out to foster care together and developed such a lovely relationship, we just had to find them a home where they could stay together.

It was a lot to find an adopter who would not only take on 2 dogs together but to take on 2 dogs with ongoing health issues but we were so pleased when a lovely adopter came forward. Both girls are now doing well in their new home."

Cllr Philippa Leonard, Cabinet Member for Public Protection said:

“Unlicensed dog breeding is a serious matter and it is hoped that the outcome of this case will serve as a strong deterrent to those who operate in this manner.  Unlicensed dog breeding and high standards of animal welfare is a priority for the authority.  Anyone who breeds dogs without a licence and causes them unnecessary suffering risks investigation and ultimately prosecution”. 

If anyone is concerned or suspicious of illegal dog breeding please contact our Trading Standards or Licensing teams.  Your information will help us tackle illegal puppy breeding in Caerphilly and will help stop animals being exploited by unscrupulous breeders”. 

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