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Fochriw Football Pitch To Be Renamed In Honour of Beloved Community Member

Posted on : 20 Feb 2024

Fochriw Football Pitch To Be Renamed In Honour of Beloved Community Member
Caerphilly County Borough Council is proud to announce the renaming of the beloved football pitch to the “Glyn Davies Memorial Ground” in tribute to the late Glyn Davies. As a pivotal figure in Fochriw, Glyn's significant contributions to both the local football scene and charitable initiatives have earned him a lasting place in the hearts of residents. 
Glyn Davies, affectionately known as the village’s Football Gaffa, dedicated countless hours to fostering a sense of unity through his passion for the local football club and charitable endeavours. His involvement in organising Fochriw Social Club's "Stars in their Eyes" charity shows stands as a testament to his commitment to philanthropy, raising substantial funds for meaningful causes over the years. 
The decision to rename the football pitch is a heartfelt tribute to Glyn Davies, symbolising the community’s enduring gratitude for his contributions. The “Glyn Davies Memorial Ground” will serve as a perpetual reminder of his influence and the positive impact he had on Fochriw.
Cllr Robert Chapman said “Glyn Davies embodied the spirit of community through his unwavering dedication to local football in Fochriw and heartfelt charity endeavours. Renaming the football pitch in his memory is fitting to a man whose legacy continues to inspire and unite us all.”
The renaming provides an opportunity for the community to come together and reflect on the positive influence Glyn had on Fochriw, with a lasting testament dedicated to his impact on the community, symbolising the values of unity and community spirit that Glyn so passionately embodied.

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