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​Bedwas Tip Reclamation – setting the record straight

Posted on : 30 Jan 2024

​Bedwas Tip Reclamation – setting the record straight

The council is aware that there is some concern and confusion in the community about the reclamation of Bedwas Tip, so we are keen to set the record straight about the current position.

Firstly, it is important to stress that no permission has been granted for any such reclamation scheme to progress. Indeed, if such a major project was to go ahead, it would be subject to detailed scrutiny and public consultation as part of the formal planning application process.

A scheme of this significance would also be subject to approval and permissions from a range of other statutory agencies before any work could start.

At this moment in time, no formal planning application has been submitted to the council, however we are aware that a developer is currently in the process of undertaking a ‘pre-application consultation’.

Developers proposing major schemes are required to undertake this type of statutory pre-application consultation prior to submitting a planning application to the Local Planning Authority. It is important to clarify that the Local Planning Authority is not involved in this process. Therefore, residents should respond directly to the developer (ERI Reclamation) and not the Local Planning Authority if they want their comments to be taken into account as part of this pre-application consultation process.

The Leader of Council, Cllr Sean Morgan is keen to provide reassurance to local residents, “If a formal planning application is received, then appropriate consultation will take place so that all stakeholders in the community have the opportunity to provide feedback, before the matter is determined by the Planning Committee.”  

“I hope this helps clarify the current position and please be assured that any such scheme would be subject to robust scrutiny and would also require a range of conditions and control measures to minimise the impact of any planned works,” he added.

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