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Five year Welsh Language Strategy launched at Ffiliffest Event

Posted on : 23 Jun 2022

Five year Welsh Language Strategy launched at Ffiliffest Event
Ffiliffest, an event held in Caerphilly which celebrated the Welsh language and heritage, saw a five year Welsh Language Strategy for 2022-2027 launched.

Local authorities in Wales are required to produce a local Welsh Language Strategy that sets out how they will promote the use of the Welsh language and increase the number of Welsh speakers in their area.

The Strategy and associated actions have been developed in conjunction with members of the Caerphilly Welsh Language Forum, key stakeholders and council service areas and schools.

The stakeholders involved in the development of the revised Five year Welsh Language Strategy 2022-2027 include:
All CCBC Schools Gwent Welsh for Adults
All CCBC Service Areas Helo Blod
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Menter Iaith Caerffili
Caerphilly Business Club Mudiad Meithrin
Careers Wales Parent Network
Coleg Gwent Public Services Board
Coleg y Cymoedd Supporting People
Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Town and Community Councils
Councillors University of South Wales
Cymraeg i Blant Voluntary Sector – GAVO
Education Achievement Service Yr Urdd
Gwent Police  
The Five year Welsh Language Strategy 2022-2027 was approved by Cabinet on the 9 March 2022 and can be viewed here:

Cllr Sean Morgan, Leader of Caerphilly Council spoke at the Ffiliffest event and said, “This strategy belongs to us all and can only be delivered effectively in collaboration with other organisations who also have a remit to increase and support the use of the Welsh language.

“We want to see a 4% increase in the number of Welsh speakers in this area over the next 5 year period and this strategy is instrumental in helping us to achieve this.

“I’m confident we can make this happen, thanks to the enthusiasm, energy and dedication of all those involved in promoting the Welsh language across our communities and I look forward to our journey together over the next 5 years.”

The implementation of the Five Year Welsh Language Strategy 2022-2027 ensures the Council is meeting its legal obligation under Standards 145 and 146 of the Welsh Language Standards (No1) Regulations 2015. The actions contained within the strategy will enable to Council, in partnership with key stakeholders, to promote the Welsh language and facilitate its use in the county borough for the next five years. 

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