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Caerphilly CBC: Ty Llwyd - statement

Posted on : 29 Jun 2023

Caerphilly CBC: Ty Llwyd - statement

A spokesperson for CCBC said, “Caerphilly County Borough Council will continue to work with Natural Resources Wales as the investigation regarding the Ty Llwyd Quarry site is concluded.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have completed their investigation of the contaminated water (leachate) breach that occurred below Ty Llwyd quarry in early January 2023 as result of a prolonged rainfall event.

The level of rainfall caused the leachate drainage system serving the quarry to overtop resulting in water containing leachate to leave owned land known as Pantyfynnon woodland and discharge on to the public highway below the site.

Since the event, the Council has continued to work in partnership with NRW in relation to Ty Llwyd and have recently entered in to pre application discussions to determine whether there is a requirement for a formal water discharge consent to be in place at the site. Further technical assessments will be required to inform this process and the Council will be working with their contaminated land consultants to progress this work and produce an updated management plan for the site.

Local ward Councillors have been briefed on the outcome of the investigation and a copy of the letter from NRW has been shared with them for information”

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